No single way of separating or divorcing is right for every couple ending their relationships or marriage. Many today are seeking an alternative to conventional divorce, paternity or the establishment of a parenting plan, one that minimizes the time, expense and hostility that are so often a part of family law.  Collaborative Family law has been developed to provide individuals with a welcome alternative.

Collaborative Family Law is a process in which both parties and counsel commit themselves to resolve differences fairly, equitably, in a respectful manner without resort or threat of resort to the courts.

In recent years more and more family law attorneys and couples have been drawn to this process as a cost-efficient and respectful way of reaching agreements that work for both of the parties and their families.

Collaborative Family Law Cases are not your typical court-based, high-stress cases. In fact, it is meant to resolve your issues in a peaceful and respectful team-based approach:


  • (Time) Restructure relationships faster with less stress;

  • (Money) Preserve finances for both parents and children;

  • (Emotion) Reduce emotional tolls on family;

  • (Results) Customize “win-win” results for both spouses;

  • (Relationships) Preserve family relationships beyond divorce; and

  • (No Court Hearings) Keeping your matters private.